I was born in Paxos, in a home full of vintage, Ionian furniture and paintings. The island itself, through its absolute beauty, surrounded me with interchanging images of peace and fierceness. As a kid I was frequently in awe, facing the natural cliffs and olive trees. All my senses’ stimuli synthesized who I am in complicated and unclear ways. Painting rose to be a basic part of who I am.

I studied painting in Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, next to F. Farulli who had the most famous painting workshop in the School. He had been a student of R. Cuttuso, so his classroom was filled with neo-realistic paintings. Also, I was a student of R. Federici, a famous modern art historian. I graduated with a perfect mark and, right after I got my diploma, I started working as a professor in the island of Corfu. I also opened a painting school.

In Corfu I had many exhibitions, both alone and in a group. After a few years that I had been an art teacher, I quit my job and decided to work independently. I met a woman who promoted my paintings in Athens and, through Mara Karetsou, I had an exhibition there.

Since 1991, I have been interested in murals. I always loved big surfaces, so I begun working on new painting techniques, based on Ancient murals and sculptures. Slowly I realized that I had opened up a whole new world, that consisted out of both the work but also the space that it would be on. You can see my work on murals in Homes, Stores, Museums, and Hotels.

In 2001 I begun my two-year collaboration with the Museum of Corfu (Mon Repo), where I painted all the murals in the two floors of the Museum.

In 2005 the Paxos Municipality chose me to paint the wall of the Municipality Hall,  and the portrait of Austria Archduke Salvador, who was a traveler in the Mediterranean.

In 2011 I had my own exhibition in the same Hall with Renaissance as a theme. My most recent exhibition was in 2014, with Paxos’ landscapes as a theme.


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