My new work on paper with ink, water colors, and acrylics

Blossoms from a monastry garden

Blue iris from Ymittos mountain

Composition with leaf and manoglia

Inviting multi-colored energy qualities

Greece from St. Laura

Kid in war

Playing the violin for the dead

Blue iris from Ymittos mountain

Agave from Ymittos mounain

Trunk from the park

Naked soul

The angel in Cambodia

Mediteraneo - Mare Nostrum


Blossoms from Ymmitos mountain

Begonia from my garden in Paxos

Carob tree from Porto Heli

Vision as truth

Sea and Time


Pieces of land

Yellow iris from Ymittos mountain

Pine tree from a park in Athens

ZUZU, Valle D'Itria

It's not the same reality

Sea and Time II


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