Colored fragments from the flowing world of reality

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I welcome you to my online website, where you can browse the artistic world of murals and canvas painting. You can also see drafts from the preparation of clients’ works and sketches on paper.

Murals are a mean for someone to transform his/her house’s or business’  walls, ceilings, furniture, doors pr any other plane that can be painted. That way the dimensions of the space can be “modified” and a high quality aesthetic can be perceived.

Murals in public spaces, for example in hotels, stores and museums, can warm the spaces up, giving a sense of royalty and comfort to the visitor.

You can order paintings and murals by theme, dimensions and desired material (oil, acrylic etc). All the materials used are high quality. Contact with me and I will be happy to help you find the ideal solution for your space.

Kallia Kouva

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